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Jill Georges Review

I found JaCi years ago when I noticed that she had the most sold signs than any other agents in this one upscale neighborhood. I looked into that to make sure it wasn’t that people were getting low for their homes. She showed me her work for that area. JaCi has now sold three of our homes, my dad’s home, and a good friend’s home. From the beginning she has always shown up professionally dressed, happy mood, and energetic. She listens to our needs and makes a realistic plan for “today’s” market. Our homes have always sold fast and any problem that arose, JaCi handled so quickly that it really didn’t seem like it messed with the flow of the sale. She has always made this process easy for us to understand and move through pretty effortlessly. She’s very good at brain storming any sort of problem or idea that helps the process along. She’s fun to talk to, and work with. I’ll always call her my friend! We Love JaCi!!!